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The ART Experience offers a learning experience for the young artist at any level that includes a little ART history, ART biographies, use of different mediums and techniques, and explores ART in our everyday lives. We offer classes for after school, as well as a homeschool curriculum designed to give students a well-rounded basic art education. We also have an advanced curriculum designed to further develop art skills and education for those who want to continue their art studies in college.

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Now offering... play time for adults! It's time to free your mind and soul and MAKE ART! There is nothing like the creative process to declutter the day-to-day routines which limit your time to express thoughts and convey feelings. There is so much satisfaction in being able to create something tangible, whether it be an art journal entry, a painting, piece of jewelry, etc. Come join us as we commune together and create!

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ART Experience was started as an after school art program with classes aimed at serving children ages 4 through high school.  Over the past few years, it has evolved to serve children ages 3 through adult, not only after school for public and private school children, but during the day to accommodate homeschooled children and their curriculums.

Classes are small so that each student can receive the instruction necessary for growth and expression.  They are designed to provide the experiences that help students build new knowledge and skills while challenging them to develop unique expressive works that reflect their individual life experiences, interests, and voice.  The classes are developed for age-appropriate motor skills and cognitive abilities.  Individual attention is an essential component of ART Experience classes and they are structured to encourage students to interact with me as much as possible in developing their work.

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Having taken classes with Julie over the past four years, has made me expand my artistic capabilities even more than I thought I could do. Taking classes with her has taught me to always try something new. Her classes are fun and challenging. They’re are the ones I look forward to the most. I had never known what I was missing before I took her classes. Julie is a wonderful teacher mentor and friend.
— Maddy S.
Alex RUNS to her art class with Julie every week! They explore all mediums, art history... Learn the basic of creating ... Well... Fun! Julie is a superb teacher and has that gift to instill enthusiasm and creativity into learning - come join us!
— Tina Babarovic
Julie is a genius at developing the artist within. Absolutely the best art class experience around!
— Julio Amy Omaña
I have appreciated Julie’s fine art approach to teaching art. Her success as an art teacher includes identifying each student’s passion and encouraging them to confidence. There isn’t a finer homeschool or after school art program in the area!
— Homeschool parent and artist
Madelyn has been taking art class with Ms. Julie for over 4 years and LOVES it!!!!
— Wendy Simmons Hurlburt
My daughter, Sophia, has taken art with Julie for years. She has learned so much about the art world from her and treasures her time with Julie to just BE and CREATE. ❤️
— Jodie Delohery


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About Julie Czerenda

Art Educator, BS, MS

Julie knew she would be a teacher at a very young age. Art became the vehicle. In 1981, Julie received a BS in Art Education from The College of St. Rose and started teaching jr/sr high school art at Candor Central School near Ithaca, NY. While teaching, she received an MS in Education at Elmira College in Elmira, NY. Julie revamped and updated the curriculums while teaching and implementing new art programs in the school system. After moving to Connecticut in 1997, she stayed home with her family and eventually went back for CT certification in art education.

personal statement

As an art teacher, I believe that making art is necessary to keep creativity constant. Art isn’t just about the techniques, but also about nurturing and encouraging each student’s success with each project. The creativity always stretches beyond artistic tools and techniques. Creativity encourages us and opens us to differences in how each of us learns.

My belief is that “Life is ART!” As an artist, I make what pleases me, speaks to me, and affirms my spirit and beliefs. Whatever the piece, it’s all about looking inside, tapping into that and working with what I find! I believe the same thing in teaching. Every child can make art. It’s my job to see that they succeed and are pleased with what they create.